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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Outdoor Art Exhibits on Display at Rustle Hill Winery and StarView Vineyard May 9-10

Enjoy a glass of wine surrounded by art in a relaxing outdoor atmosphere this May 9th-10th. HeartlandArts.Net, Rustle Hill Winery and StarView Vineyard present visitors for SIU Graduation and Mother’s Day with a lineup of artists including unique Equine Art by Cheryl Owen, Photography by David Hammond, Glass-blown and Copper Sculpture, Jewelry and more. At StarView, Pottery artist Diane Bremer will also be painting on-site. The art exhibits will start by noon each day, and each winery will feature live musicians. The wineries are both accessible down Illinois 51 and in close proximity to each other (click here for Shawnee Hills Wine Trail map). “This is a great opportunity for locals and visitors to experience what the area has to offer, and to take a sampling of southern Illinois art and wine home to mark the occasion,” said Chad Goodpastor, who is well-known for his blown glass wine stoppers, pendants and sculpture.

List of Artists

Brenda Cooley - JewelryChad Goodpastor - Blown Glass Art
John Lipe - Soap/LotionLee Ann Grief – Quilted Items
Diane Bremer - Pottery and Painting on-sitePaul Sanders - Gemstones and Jewelry
Cheryl Owen - Equine ArtRob Lorenz - Pottery
David Hammond - PhotographyLisa Smith - Jewelry
Paul Johnson - Jewelry and Blown Glass DemonstrationsTom Horn - Copper and Fused Glass Sculpture
Al Morgan - Jewelry and Native-Made Reservation ItemsMary Patterson – Glass-fused Art and Jewelry

Stay tuned for more information!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tree House Studio Artists Preparing for “Art Around the Square” event this Saturday

The view from the Tree House Studio is a beautiful panorama of the Carbondale Town Square, but this Saturday visitors to the "Art Around the Square" event will be treated to the beauty within. The Tree House Artist Studio is one of 26 venues on the Carbondale Historic Town Square that will be showing art as part of the event on Saturday from 7-10pm. The event is part of a "Weekend of Art," taking place on the same weekend as Carbondale Main Street's annual "Downtown Art and Wine Fair," which takes place the night before. Admission to Art Around the Square on Saturday is free.

The Tree House, located above the Town Square Market, was established about a year ago and currently six artists are in residence. This Saturday, the lineup includes photography by Terry Hickey and Greg Wendt, sculpture by Danielle Konings, and paintings by Andrea LeBeau, Wahid-Bobbie Lewis, Hilary Chandler, and Ellen Cummiskey-Paprocki. Susan Saniie and Nana Wendt, a violinist and cellist, will be performing Classical Music, and Melinda Yeomans, a writer and poet finishing up a Ph.D. in Communications, will feature some of her poetry.

The Tree House is still in its first stages of opening up the space for more ways of creative expression. Yeomans said about the Studio: “It’s remarkable to be in a creative space with committed, self-reflective artists. The synergy creates opportunities for cross-pollination and support even though we work in a wide range of media. We have a collective intention that transcends individual projects. This makes the Tree House a nurturing space for artists to work together and share common values.”

The Art Around the Square event is sponsored by the Carbondale Historic Town Square Business Coalition and HeartlandArts.Net. For more information about the Art Around the Square event, including map with artist list, visit

Art Around the Square News 3 Spot

In case you missed it, Sue and Elaine got up early yesterday morning to talk about Art Around the Square on WSIL Channel 3. Thanks to Kevin Hunsperger for inviting us!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sitting down with local artist George Ions

Local Artist Says Southern Illinois has Enormous Effect on his Art
Events in May will showcase his work along with that of other local artists

HeartlandArts.Net will feature local artists and artist groups as part of our efforts to promote artists and art shows in the region. With several art events coming up this spring, including Art Around the Square ( on May 2 and the Spring Art/Wine Fairs May 9-10, southern Illinoisians will have plenty of chances to catch up with the artists in person.

Red BlazeWe sat down recently with local artist George Ions, a transplant to southern Illinois and a lifelong artist. George was born in County Durham, England and started drawing and painting in early childhood. He has been living in southern Illinois for 15 years. His work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions in both the USA and England, and on his website at He is a member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society and also an Illinois State Artisan.

HAN: What is the most important thing for you in relation to your art?

Rend Lake in WinterGeorge: In a word: NATURE. For me painting is totally a totally absorbing activity and over the years I have discovered that it has increasingly magnified my inner feelings toward the wonderful world of nature. It is a relationship hard to describe but I cannot be outdoors without basking in the form and color of the trees, fields, skies and clouds all around us it’s just wonderful and awe inspiring!

HAN: What have been your best and worst experiences as a painter?

George: BEST: When as a young boy I first mixed Yellow and Blue and made Green. It spurred me into exploring all the other wonderful colors I could make.

WORST: Probably when I packed my things to go on a field trip to paint a lovely sunset and when I got there realized I had left my paint box at home! But at least I never did it again.

HAN: What about your art has changed most since you started out as an artist?

George: When I first started painting I wanted my work to be very detailed in every respect. But over time I have become much more relaxed and loose in my style I now like for those looking at my work to enjoy ‘it through their own eyes’ but I still want a tree to look like a tree!

HAN: What effect has living in Southern Illinois had on your art?

George: ENORMOUS. It was only when I took an early retirement and moved to southern Illinois that I began painting full time out of my own home based studio. Although I still like to travel to paint I just love painting the countryside around here. With its Farms and Barns, Lakes and Rivers and undulating countryside it has everything to enjoy.

Q5. As a lifelong painter, what is the key driver of your work?

It’s hard to say. First I was lucky enough to get some good guidance and encouragement when I was young from my artist mentors. Also, I think all painters go through a period (or two) when they lose their inspiration and here my wife Debbie has been a hugely instrumental driver in encouraging me to paint when the mood has not been there. How grateful I am for her support.

Q6. What would you say to someone considering taking their art up a notch?

First of all just keep on painting because I really do believe that it is only by continuously painting that you come to realize what it is you want to get out of it. Also, be yourself and don’t be put off by any negative comments or jury rejections of your work. Realize that everybody gets these, so listen to your own heart and do your own thing!!

Thanks to George Ions for his time. He will have his work on display at Fusion Ultra Lounge in Carbondale for the May 2, 2009 Art Around the Square event; for more information visit His work is also on display at Owl Creek Vineyard and he will be there in person on May 9. For more information stay tuned!

Images copyright George Ions.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Art Around the Square in Carbondale on May 2

April 3, 2009
Contact: Amy McMorrow, 618 713 2896,

“Art Around the Square” Featuring a Wide Variety of Art in Carbondale on May 2
Art Event Brings out the Vibrancy of the Town Square Community

Carbondale, Illinois – Art Around the Square on Saturday, May 2, 2009, from 7-10pm, will give southern Illinoisians a night of art, music and enjoyment on the Town Square in Carbondale. The event, sponsored by the Carbondale Historic Town Square Business Coalition and HeartlandArts.Net, will feature regional artists on display at downtown businesses and eateries, making for a pleasurable stroll through the charming Town Square community. After the first widely acclaimed “Art Around the Square” event that took place in October 2008, the participants look to offer another close-up view into the artistic community that flourishes in southern Illinois. The event is part of a “Weekend of Art,” taking place on the same weekend as Carbondale Main Street’s annual “Downtown Art and Wine Fair,” which takes place the night before. Admission to Art Around the Square on Saturday is free.

Twenty-six participating Town Square venues will be adorned with a wide variety of delights for the eyes, ears and taste buds. The Tree House, an artist studio above the Town Square Market, will feature six artists with a diverse collection of media, including painting, sculpture and photography. Art Lovers Trading Company will feature wearable art creations by Andrea LeBeau and Jamie White. Carbondale Trophy will display sculpture by glass artist Chad Goodpastor and sculptor Dan Johnson. Club Traz will feature Paducah artist Josh Ivey, and paintings by George Ions will be on display at Fusion Ultra Lounge. Musical acts include Lab Kids, JW Brown and Pan Hsin. A complete list of venues and artists, updated daily, including a printable map, is available at

The air is abuzz with excitement as everyone is working together to present the community with a quality entertainment experience. Artist Andrea LeBeau said, “I feel like there are endless possibilities to create a bridge between the art and the community, it’s just up to us to make it happen!” All of the Historic Town Square Coalition members, including Longbranch Coffeehouse, Carbondale Community Arts, Carbondale Main Street, 1187 Creative, Arthur Agency and several others, are providing support in various ways. Sue Mills, owner of Art Lovers Trading Company and partner in HeartlandArts.Net, said “’Art Around the Square’ is an event that not only promotes art and business in the Town Square, but also is helping to build a strong sense of community. I’m very excited to see this happen!”

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Alison Charles Photo Show Opening Tomorrow, and More Art Events

Greetings! A reminder, don't miss Alison Charles' photography show, opening this Friday, April 3, from 6-9pm at the Red Ear in Alto Pass. Refreshments and snacks will be served. Alison was one of the winners of the Bleeding Hearts Photo Contest. The contest was conducted in February and Alison was the winner of the online popular vote with "reaching the cold heart." Alison's work will show at the Red Ear during the first two weekends of April, 4th-5th and 11th-12th, from 1-6pm each day. The show will also be available online for viewing and purchase as of Friday, April 3. Get a show card here, visit Alison's entries from the Bleeding Hearts Photo Contest here, and stay tuned to HeartlandArts.Net for the online show.

Other April Art Events

Rustle Hill Winery is featuring photographer Richard Lawson as the April "Artist of the Month". His work will be displayed at the winery during the entire month for viewing and an a reception will take place on Saturday, April 11th from noon - 5 pm.

Upcoming at Little Egypt Arts Association is a mini fiber workshop presented by another award-winning artist, Karen Linduska. Ms. Linduska will appear at the Art Centre on Monday, April 27, at 6 p.m. For more details about Ms. Linduska's presentation, contact Colleen Thompson at 995-2729 or leave a message at the Art Centre at 998-8530.
Also at LEAA in Marion: The Blackberry Winter exhibit is currently on display with artistic photographs and paintings available for purchase. Artists from throughout Southern Illinois including the counties of Franklin, Jackson, Johnson, and Williamson are on display. For further information on the above and upcoming events, contact Kaye Howell, President of LEAA, at 993-3766.

Add These to Your May Agenda
There are some amazing events coming up in May!

The first weekend in May is a "Weekend of Art" in Carbondale. Friday, May 1, is Carbondale MainStreet's annual "Downtown Art and Wine Fair." "Art Around the Square" will be taking place on May 2. Click here for the new Art Around the Square website with participating business and artists, and to keep updated on the latest!

HeartlandArts.Net will also be hosting outdoor Art Fairs at Starview Vineyard and Rustle Hill Winery the second weekend of May, the 9-10th. Add a little bling to your experience of SIU Graduation weekend and Mother's day! Stay tuned to HeartlandArts.Net for more information.
Artists: if you wish to participate in the outdoor Spring Art Fairs May 9-10 and haven't already done so, please send an email to
Other Announcements
Call for Artists: HerrinFesta Italiana 2009 Art Competition May 21-25, 2009. All work must be pre-registered by May 2 and delivered on May 9. See entry form for eligibility, categories and limitations at Email questions or to request entry form : or call 618.998.8530.
Please contact us any time with your comments or questions: or 618 713 2896. Have a wonderful April!