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Friday, October 10, 2008

Preparations for the big Art Weekend!

Here's Andi earlier today at Art Lover's Trading Company in Carbondale helping with the preparations for tonights "Art Around the Square" event. It's from 7-10 tonight, Friday October 10. Andi will be showing her work at Hair Brains. For more information about the event, click here.

We have also been busy along the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail helping artists to set up their shows, or at least taking pictures of them setting up their shows.:) Here is Cleta Jo Shirley from Carterville out at Inheritance Valley yesterday.

Three photographers are putting together an exhibition at Von Jakob Orchard and Winery along 127. Here is Michael Seltzer, who along with Thomas Rabideau and Kris Killman will adorn the walls for the weekend.

Paintings from Biki Chaplain are hanging at Orlandini Vineyard, and things are still getting set up at Rustle Hill! There is lots more, check here for more information. We hope everyone will enjoy the shows. Please be sure to check the winery web pages for information about opening hours, musical act information, admission fees, etc.


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