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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tree House Studio Artists Preparing for “Art Around the Square” event this Saturday

The view from the Tree House Studio is a beautiful panorama of the Carbondale Town Square, but this Saturday visitors to the "Art Around the Square" event will be treated to the beauty within. The Tree House Artist Studio is one of 26 venues on the Carbondale Historic Town Square that will be showing art as part of the event on Saturday from 7-10pm. The event is part of a "Weekend of Art," taking place on the same weekend as Carbondale Main Street's annual "Downtown Art and Wine Fair," which takes place the night before. Admission to Art Around the Square on Saturday is free.

The Tree House, located above the Town Square Market, was established about a year ago and currently six artists are in residence. This Saturday, the lineup includes photography by Terry Hickey and Greg Wendt, sculpture by Danielle Konings, and paintings by Andrea LeBeau, Wahid-Bobbie Lewis, Hilary Chandler, and Ellen Cummiskey-Paprocki. Susan Saniie and Nana Wendt, a violinist and cellist, will be performing Classical Music, and Melinda Yeomans, a writer and poet finishing up a Ph.D. in Communications, will feature some of her poetry.

The Tree House is still in its first stages of opening up the space for more ways of creative expression. Yeomans said about the Studio: “It’s remarkable to be in a creative space with committed, self-reflective artists. The synergy creates opportunities for cross-pollination and support even though we work in a wide range of media. We have a collective intention that transcends individual projects. This makes the Tree House a nurturing space for artists to work together and share common values.”

The Art Around the Square event is sponsored by the Carbondale Historic Town Square Business Coalition and HeartlandArts.Net. For more information about the Art Around the Square event, including map with artist list, visit


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